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Issues with unloading Sprite

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I'm currently experiencing an issue with unloadSprite() method.

I'm not sure why, but calling it once will result in having the whole p_sprite array cleared. My call to delete the Sprite after finding it simply is "delete p_sprite[i];" and then the remainder of the p_sprite is parsed to move the other sprite positions.

Any ideas on why this behavior could be observed?
asked Sep 29, 2014 in Engine Development by lrlebrao
I found the issue, my second loop was iterating using a wrong variable and going through all 10000 sprites of p_sprite.
Good!  I posted the answer below before I saw your comment.

1 Answer

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Your delete call looks right. 

Are you doing something unintended when you are scooting the array over after deletion?  Something like:

  // Scoot over remaining sprites.
  for j = i to sprite_count-2
    p_sprite[j] = p_sprite[j+1]
    decrement sprite_count
  end for

Where your "decrement sprite_count" is inside the loop?  If not, try printing out sprite_count at the beginning and end of the method and see if you can narrow down where it is getting changed.


answered Sep 30, 2014 by claypool
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