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How to use extended ASCII codes?

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So, I've seen in one of the game examples (Blockomancy) shown at the Dragonfly website that it is possible to use the extended ASCII codes, but I'm not entirely clear on how to do sprites using special characters.

Anyone knows how to it?
asked Oct 4, 2014 in Game Development by lrlebrao

1 Answer

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The "ncursesw" (w for wide) supports the extended ASCII set.  Dragonfly 3.2 does not support this and I've not yet pursued it enough to get it to work.  You could consider extending your engine to do so, but some of the curses calls would need to change.  E.g., mvwadd_wch().  However, there can be difficulties in getting the full platform support, too.  See:


Once support is in place, you'd have to be creative with making your sprite files since a common editor cannot add nor display the extended set. 

answered Oct 4, 2014 by claypool
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