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Improved Makefile

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What was improved:

  • Used wildcard variables. You no longer need to type in new CPP source files in the makefile everytime you add new CPP source files.
  • Explicitly remove STACKDUMP files generated from crashes and segfaults experienced when debugging in GDB. Whenever you crash, stack dump files will always be created. That also means you have to delete these files everytime your program crashes. Crashing is inevitable, but constantly deleting stack dumps is annoying. Henceforth.

What I missed:

  • I forgot to to revert the "libncurses-cygwin64.a" to a generic library, so you may need to retype the correct library filename.
  • I forgot to change the "platform.cpp" back to "game.cpp". The platform.cpp was used to denote where your actual source and header files are located. Using #include directives, I was able to use platform.cpp as a gateway for telling "make" to link to source and header files located in different directories. 
Dragonfly version 3.5
asked Jan 27, 2015 in Tutorial by tom_mai78101
edited Jan 27, 2015 by tom_mai78101

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