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Logfile is blank

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The logfile comes out blank when I run it. The last time I ran the code before this issue was before I had added anything other than the basic setup, so it was supposed to close right away at the time. So I don't have a version that worked that I can check. When I did run that very early version it did produce a log file, however.

Just to check, there isn't a line of code needed that I may have missed somewhere that makes the window display is there? I've look through a few times and don't see one, but maybe I'm just missing it?

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asked Sep 2, 2014 in Tutorial by sswallach

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Are you running this by double-clicking on the game.exe from Windows explorer?   If so, instead, run it from the cygwin terminal window.  Type "./game.exe" and it should run.
answered Sep 2, 2014 by claypool
selected Sep 2, 2014 by sswallach
yep, I was typing "run game.exe" instead of "./game.exe"

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