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Where is dragonfly.log? (startup phase)

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I have all files pertaining to dragonly inside public_html/dragonfly on the CCC machines.  include files are in 'include', library is inside 'lib', sprites are inside 'sprites'.
The makefile I have is the one from game0.zip, with the only changes being the following lines:
INCPATH= include
ENG= lib/libdragonfly.a
The output in PuTTY is:
-bash-3.2$ make depend
makedepend *.cpp 2> /dev/null
-bash-3.2$ make
g++  game.cpp  lib/libdragonfly.a         -o game -Iinclude      -lncurses -lrt 
However, no dragonfly.log appears, and attempting to run the game as answered in another question (via ./game.exe) results in "./game.exe: No such file or directory".
Am I just missing something obvious here?
edit: Of course it's something that obvious, thanks.
asked Sep 2, 2014 in Tutorial by jbardonjr
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With Cygwin on Windows, the program generated will be "game.exe", hence you run it with "./game.exe".  On Linux, the program generated will be "game" (no ".exe" on the end), so you run it with "./game".

After you run it, it should find the "dragonfly.log" file it creates.
answered Sep 3, 2014 by claypool
selected Sep 3, 2014 by jbardonjr
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