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Why Does Start Music Resuming Break the Game

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Everything from the tutorial works fine now except for one thing, when I quit the game and it returns to the start menu a null pointer exception is thrown and the game crashes, I have confirmed it is the music resuming by commenting out that poriton of the code and then the rest works fine. I am currently unsure of how to fix this but I will continue looking into the problem.
Dragonfly version 4.2
asked Aug 31, 2016 in Tutorial by wakelley

1 Answer

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Hmm.  Try downloading and running game-final.zip.  Does that have the same problem?  if so, there is something wrong with your SFML setup.  If game-final runs, then there is something in your code.  If the latter, see if you can spot code differences by inspection.  I assume you mean the "Resume start music" line is where the fault is.  If at some other place in the code, check that GameStart is being found (it is searched for) with log messages.  In a pinch, leave the music off and continue with development.
answered Aug 31, 2016 by claypool
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