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Iterating through key press events for each key.

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So I'm reading on how to implement the InputManager on 4.9.2 and for getInput() and I see that we have to check key press events for each key & button presses for each button. I don't want to write 100+ conditional statements so would it be safe to iterate through the enums in a loop and check them that way?
asked Sep 13, 2016 in Engine Development by kezhang

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Possibly.  You do need to map each SFML enum to a DF enum.  If they were numbered the same (e.g., #1 in SFML was, say, an "A" and #1 in DF was an "A") this might work.  But it would be brittle - if the SFML enums changed, the DF ones would need to change.

<p>Fortunately, 100 conditionals (actually, use a switch) is pretty easy.  Cut and paste and type in 100 letters.  Compared to the time you spend coding and debugging, this is small potatoes.
answered Sep 13, 2016 by claypool
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