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GUI Elements disappear after the first death

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I've already completed the tutorial, but currently I'm experiencing an issue that shows up on the second life of my Hero; the Nuke and Score counters disappear, and when dying again, no GameOver sprite. Other lives will sometimes bring either the Nuke or the Score counter to show up, but only one of them.

I'm working on an Ubuntu x32-bit environment. Thanks.
asked Sep 3, 2014 in Tutorial by lrlebrao

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It's hard to tell what the issue might be from your description above.  It depends upon how you've implemented your extra lives.  In tht Tutorial, the GameOver object removes all the Saucers, Nuke and Score counters.  You only create GameOver when there are no lives left, right?

Please describe more of your implementation here.  You can post code fragments, even.  Please do not post large parts of your working code here.  You can zip up your code and send it to the staff, too, for help.

Update: you may try an upgrade, too, to v3.2 which has the ViewObject code re-written.
answered Sep 3, 2014 by claypool
edited Sep 4, 2014 by claypool
I've attempted running a clean copy of the game using the code given by the tutorial website, I still have odd GUI behaviour. It is safe to assume that either Ubuntu x32-bit machines might have issues running Dragonfly or I made some mistakes during installing the proper libraries.
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