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Unresolved external symbol

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so here is my issue , I finished the graphicsmanager.cpp graphicsmanager.h , Color.h , implemented all the methods , when finished , i had this error unresolved external symbol     
 I think its the compiler getting confused with sf color and df color, but I didn't find a solution to fix it , please help me .
Thank you
asked Sep 17, 2016 in Engine Development by abenyahia
recategorized Sep 18, 2016 by claypool

1 Answer

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I can't see what external symbol is unresolved in your message.  Can you paste it in place?  It could be a naming issue (e.g., sf::Color when you mean something else) or a linking issue (if the .o or the .dll is not in place).  I can't tell you more without seeing the error message.
answered Sep 17, 2016 by claypool
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