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Issues loading sprite

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I'm currently experiencing an issue where my game fails to load my "Rocket" sprite. I'm not sure what is causing this issue, since my sprite-sheet follows the format used by others.

And there are no issues with my Rocket code, I've tested it using another sprite already loaded by the game (in this case, a Saucer sprite) and it works exactly as intended.

Any suggestions to why this might happen?
closed with the note: Found my issue and commented below my fix.
asked Sep 4, 2014 in Tutorial by lrlebrao
closed Sep 4, 2014 by lrlebrao
Correction: I've already found my mistake, resourceManager doesn't like when you write the wrong number of frames on the sprite sheet and doesn't let it load.
Glad you made the catch.  When sprites don't appear, examining "dragonfly.log" after running the game, when the sprite is loaded, will show the line number and the error if there is a problem with the file.
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