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Is it possible to get the score value and use it to set off events?

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I'm aware that it is possible to use getValue() within the Points object to get its value, but it does not work as intended.

The function goes through multiple times in a split second and then stops working entirely, even if a goal value is reached multiple times.

The following is the condition statement I use to pull the score and compare it to the intended score value.

if (getValue() % NUKE_VALUE == 0) {
      /* Event code */


asked Sep 4, 2014 in Tutorial by lrlebrao

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Yes, getValue() returns the value of a ViewObject.  What do you mean "goes through multiple times" ... where did you put the code?  If you put it inside Points::eventHandler() inside the DF_STEP_EVENT code, it will trigger every step.

answered Sep 4, 2014 by claypool
I was having the issue where I was attempting to set off events everytime it reached a number, the problem is that by killing enemies, it was extremely likely to skip the number I was setting to set off the event.
Ah, right.  Score increases by 1 each second (30 steps) and then by 10 each time a Saucer is destroyed.  You may need to adjust the code to use thresholds (i.e., if getValue() > THRESHOLD) then do something.
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