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leaveok() macro returns ERR upon calling.

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Pastebin for GraphicsManager.cpp.

Pastebin for game.cpp.


Upon starting up in the GraphicsManager, I encountered an error on leaveok() macro.

Using "man leaveok" in Cygwin 32-bit, it said 

"The functions setscrreg and wsetscrreg return OK upon success and ERR upon failure.  All other routines that return an integer always return OK."

In my case, I have no idea what to do with "leaveok()". Returns something different.


Any suggestions?

asked Sep 20, 2014 in Other by tom_mai78101
I've never seen leaveok() return an error.  If this is the only curses error, then you can have the cursor off (using curs_set()) and go ahead and let the cursor move freely without worry.  But, since it sounds like in your answer you fixed it, no need to worry, anyway.

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Found the error. Apparently, what I thought was ncurses taking over gdb in the terminal, actually was a misplaced semicolon in all sorts of if... checkings.

The problem's fixed.
answered Sep 20, 2014 by tom_mai78101
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