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Flashing characters when redrawing them using game loop

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While testing checkpoint #5.6, whenever I was drawing stars it would constantly flash their characters, as if the cursor is flashing on top of them.

Is that expected behavior before sprites are implemented?
asked Sep 20, 2014 in Engine Development by lrlebrao

2 Answers

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What platform are you developing on?  You might try a couple of things:

1) Bring your code over to the ccc.wpi.edu systems and see if it behaves the same.  This can help you tell if it is your platform (terminal and/or curses setup).

2) Try explicitly turning off the cursor in the graphics manager.  Put a curs_set(0) call in the startup.  Normally, this is in the InputManager but see if it helps here.

answered Sep 21, 2014 by claypool
I'm currently coding and running on the CCC machines.

Also, doing the turning off didn't work. I'll set that aside for the moment, since it isn't exactly a major issue.
How are you connecting to the CCC machines?  Putty?  If not putty, then what?  It may be an issue with the remote login terminal type.  But I agree - don't worry about it for now.
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Did you check to see if you're refreshing all buffers, and not just one buffer?
answered Sep 20, 2014 by tom_mai78101
You should only do a wrefresh() on the current buffer, the one being drawn too.  In fact, doing it on both may cause the odd flashing.
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