What is Notebook Runner?

Notebook runner is a reverse 2D platformer where the computer controls the character and you create the level.

Notebook runner is a puzzle game that takes place in the world of two dimensional platforming. The computer plays as the character as if it is a platformer game, while the player has to add the elements to the level, attempting to aid the character in reaching the goal. The player does this by drawing symbols with the mouse that get interpreted by the game, which creates various objects such as a platform, wall, ladder or spring. There may also be a level editor, and the ability for users to create their own symbols and objects (tentative).

Notebook Runner uses Java Monkey Engine with a basic proprietary physics engine. The game has minimal art development, using mostly stick figures and basic boxes, giving the game a “notebook” feel. The focus of this project was on the technical design and implementation, and less on the artistic feel of the game.

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Getting the best game experience possible:

Because this game was developed in only 7 weeks, it obviously isn't 100% bug free. The short development time also hindered some features that we wanted to be in the game. To acheive the best game experience, we suggest that you first read the "how to play" section of the main menu. Then play through all the tutorial levels, and finally challenge yourself with the level "demo." The demo level illustrates all the major features of the game and showcases the different approaches one can take to solving a level. For an added challenge, try solving the demo level using only 1 platform!

Play now! (java webstart required--JDK 1.6+)