Technical Game Development II
IMGD 4000 - D Term 2009
The nine games below were developed over a seven-week period by teams typically comprised of two technically oriented students from IMGD 4000 and three art-oriented students from IMGD 4500. Please click through for more details on each game, including in most cases a playable download.


A minigolf-bowling hybrid set in three fantasy worlds.


A mental first-person shooter.

Appliance Alliance

A multiplayer domestic battle game.


A multiplayer puzzle-platformer based on the human mind.

Mountain Game

Draw a mountain and watch its flora and fauna grow.

Shock Treatment

A 3D Art Deco puzzle-platformer.

Unnatural Selection

Genetic algorithms and the robot apocalypse.

The Machine 2

Repair the planet and escape.

You Have To Hit The Block

What it says.